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Monday, June 1, 2015


Written by Valerie Maldonado
June 1, 2015

I was but a little girl
Too young to really see
How your entrance in this world
Would affect who I would be

"Precious Moments"
Both time and figurine
Represented the love I felt
For you, the baby I held as a teen

You taught me how to be a Mom
From practical to funny
You shaped the woman I would become
And made my days more sunny

My heart filled with love
As I watched you grow
You gave my life direction
More than you'll ever know

From child to teen
I watched you blossom
Into a beautiful woman
Who is beyond awesome

With a heart of gold
Smarts and determination
You've made this "surrogate" mom
Beam with pride and elation

How lucky I am!
How wonderful it is!
Thank you Christina
For being my "First Kid"


  1. Awww!!!
    Love you so much - thank you <3
    Will never forget the trip to Disney!!!

    1. I love you too beautiful! I will never forget either!!