By sharing my writing (Poetry in particular), a life long dream, I hope to inspire others to go after their dreams and goals.

Monday, May 11, 2015

The Little Things

An infants giggle
A puppies smell
A hot cup of coffee or tea
The ocean's waves
The sun setting
Star gazing
A good book
A loved one's voice
A warm embrace
A feel good movie
Singing in the shower
An ice cream cone
Freshly washed laundry
A long drive
The sound of rain
A smile across the room
A lover's touch
Children's curiosity
A day at the beach
Live concerts
A hug from Mom
Laughing with friends
A sunny day
Mediation and prayer
Playing ball with Dad
A snowball fight
Afternoon nap
Singing birds
Your favorite song
Saying I love you
Hearing I love you
Being loved

The little things are really the big things ❤

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