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Friday, May 26, 2017

The Blame Game

By Valerie Maldonado

The right blames the left
The left blames the right
The government blames the people
The people collectively sigh

The teachers blame the parents
The students blame the teachers
The parents blame the system
The system listens to neither

The poor blame the rich
The rich blame the poor
The ones in the middle
Blame the one they're working for

The corporations blame employees
Employees blame the boss
The boss blames the economy
As the profits still go up

The church blames the state
The state blames the church
The religious blame the atheist
While everyone continues to search

Search for an answer
Search for relief
Search for understanding
As they pray for world peace

The white blame the black
The black blame the white
Society blames both
With no resolution in sight

The old generations blame the new
The millenials blame the old
The children don't blame anyone
They just do what they're told

The blame game will go on
If one can't look within
and hold themselves accountable
No one will ever win

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