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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

What if Everyone Did Their Part?

Sometimes I look around and think to myself...what happened to us? Where have all the manners gone? Why do so many lack morals and ethics? Why is there no class to dressing, eating, and greeting anymore? Why are so many people so mean?

Then I ask myself were people always like this in the past but just followed the rules of polite society better or did they wear masks in public? This is truly a concerning subject for me. I have noticed how the bad behavior of some has a profound affect on those trying to do right. Many times those who act properly try to compensate for those who don't. It is one-sided, unfair and exhausting. What if everyone did their part? Here are some ways people can do their part. These are small matters. The larger ingrained lack of ethics and morals is a much deeper issue.

What if everyone smiled?
What if everyone washed their own plate after eating?
What if everyone threw their piece of trash (gum wrappers, cigarette butts) into the trash can?
What if everyone checked the bathroom after using?
What if everyone threw out an empty container after eating the last item?
What if everyone returned the basket, cart or item to its proper place in a shopping place?
What if everyone put themselves in other's shoes before speaking?
What if everyone assisted a person in need instead of watching and sadly now, recording?
What if everyone said please, thank you, you're welcome?
What if everyone listened before speaking?
What if everyone stopped to consider a person's actions before judging?
What if everyone practiced patience?
What if everyone used their car signals more and their horn less?
What if everyone practiced tolerance more?
What if everyone respected the elderly?
What if everyone helped with chores?
What if everyone held a door open?
What if everyone mentored someone?
What if everyone spoke kinder?
What if everyone took responsibility for their own actions?

What are your 'what if everyone?' thoughts? There are many more no doubt. I grew up in a time when neighbors looked out for all the kids, parents disciplined more harshly but kids learned right from wrong. I remember relatives checking in on other relatives and helping if needed. Everyone seemed to do their part. Maybe I am looking at it through rose colored glasses. I am not perfect but I can go to sleep each night knowing I have tried my best to be a decent citizen, relative, friend, and just a person who does her part.

Saying "Thank You" for reading today,

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