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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Magic of the Movies


Yesterday was the official start of Spring! I love this season. From baseball to kite flying, spring cleaning to longer days, to flowers blooming and the celebration of Easter, there is a real sense of new beginnings.

The beginning of Spring finds me revisiting my goals and aspirations. One of the smaller goals I made for myself for 2017, was to get to the movie theatre more often. I had fallen into a pattern of watching movies when they became available on DVD. Yet there is a real excitement in experiencing a movie on the big screen.

I wanted to share my thoughts on the last 3 movies I've seen, La La Land, Hidden Figures, and Beauty and the Beast. I am not going to speak of each movie specifically, as in the plot (wouldn't want to spoil it for others), but rather how each one inspired.

The magic of any movie is in its ability to absorb you into its world, touching your emotions, mind and heart. A movie should leave you wanting more, thinking more and feeling like you were part of the magic. A truly good movie finds me googling the topic and ultimately learning things I hadn't known.

Hidden Figures particularly had me reaching for the history books. How could these important contributors not get the recognition they deserved? I came away from this movie in awe of the accomplishments of those that came before us, achieving so much in the face of enormous obstacles.  La La Land spoke directly to me. The story of two people on a journey together, pursuing their passion in the arts and the determination they have for their dream, left me rejuvenated. I loved this movie so much I went to see it twice, something I've never done before. Ahhh, and Beauty and the Beast, I've waited for this movie since the first announcement that one of my all time favorite Disney animations was being brought to life. I love Emma Watson, Dan Stevens, musicals, fairy tales, I could go on and on. It did not disappoint.

All three movies allowed me to leave the real world for a few hours and all the real world issues facing us.  The magic of movies has long been a place to escape from the realities of ones life. A place to imagine, dream, feel, contemplate, think, and be completely enchanted. It is no small feat to create this kind of magic and I for one am grateful for all of the artists involved in each movie. From the crews to the writers, directors and producers, costume makers and actors, film makers and backers, each one is deserving of our thanks.

"Art enables us to lose ourselves and find ourselves at the same time." ~ Thomas Merton

See you at the movies,

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