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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

"A Reason For Everything" Frances Contreras

Three years ago on February 6, 2014 (where has the time gone?) I blogged about my mentor and beautiful friend, Frances Contreras. I wrote about how important mentors are to support your dreams, goals and art. How important it is to find people who "get you" and encourage you. Frances has done that and more.

Ever since I met Frances she has encouraged my writing in ways, both big and small. One of the most important things she has done is provide a living example that age is just a number and if you want something you need to make it happen. You need to go for it. I am beyond grateful for her friendship, her generosity and her love. Love of life, family, friends and poetry.

This beautiful poem Frances wrote reminds me that there is a "reason" for her presence in my life. I hope to honor her eloquent writing by sharing her poems and never forsaking the gift of friendship given so many years ago. She is more than a mentor, she is a model of all that I long to be.

"A Reason For Everything"
By Frances Contreras

Life is not a showcase.
There's a reason for everything.

The rhythm of Autumn knows its flowers and forests.
The powerful wind is familiar with profound winters.
The woodman is unaware of the murmuring of trees he chops.
And, of one whose wood end in musical sounds
Everything has a reason...

Surrounding wind swarms the emerald sea moving wooden ships
as the tranquil moon breaks through a brush of dark clouds.
Everything has a reason.

Even in our tormented world, the night sky sings as it presents us with lavishing perfume scents from blooming trees.
Everything has a reason...

To maintain hope in our hearts from a shooting star.
For we are replicas of bright stars which encourage us to gain peace and calm.
We can learn to appreciate our neighbors and our world.
We can only achieve complacency
by good deeds and not by indifference.
Spiritual perfection makes the difference in our hearts.

And...the reason for everything...

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