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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Your Own Inauguration

Tomorrow is "Inauguration" day. The day when the candidate voters in America elected to become President gets sworn into office along with the Vice-President.

No matter what your views are about politics, parties, or the President-elect...

It's a done deal.

I liken it to someone remarrying and the children having no say in who their new step parent will be or a company hiring a new boss and as employees you accept it or move on.

Each of these scenarios are difficult. Change is difficult. Not having control of what could occur in your future is scary. What should a person do? Accept, rebel, ignore? Ignoring a situation doesn't help.

I propose having your own inauguration.  An inauguration is the beginning of something new. In the case of tomorrow it means the ceremony of a new period. Why not take all the feelings you have, and I don't doubt each of us have feelings about this past election and our government, good or bad, and let these emotions motivate you to "begin" a new chapter in your life. Maybe it could be a "service" chapter or a "spiritual" chapter or an "improvement" chapter.

Why let external circumstances, as difficult or unnerving as they may seem, prevent you from being or becoming all that you can be as an individual?

Tomorrow's inauguration does not change who we are as a human being. Other's perception of us individually or as a whole, does not change who we are. Only we can change who we are.

Start an inauguration of your own tomorrow. "Begin" anew.

~Learn more about how we as a country came to be so divided.
~Listen to and hear from people who have opposing beliefs.
~Look around your community. Who are you in your neighborhood?
~Stand up for those who can't defend themselves, even if it's just speaking up at a grocery store.
~Don't ignore the poor or the homeless. You never know if someone you love or yourself could end up in a similiar situation.
~Respect. Every individual. We are all one human race.
~If you disagree about something find a way to change it.

I've started my own inauguration. It feels better than just voicing my opinion about what's happening around me. The first step is always the hardest.

Just begin,

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