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Sunday, January 22, 2017

You Are Never Alone

By Valerie Maldonado

Many believe
Including myself
That others cannot
Know what is felt
To lose someone
Close or have a door
Slam closed
How can others know
How it feels
To be exposed
Sad, tired, frustrated
Assured or elated
Confused as heck
Deep in the night
Grateful always
Come the morning light
Scared, unsure, lost
Crawling like a baby
Determined, brave, ready
Standing rock steady
Others cannot grasp
These feelings we own
But wait! Yes they can
For you are never alone
Somewhere near or far
In this beautiful land
Another person feels
And can truly understand
All that you feel
The struggles you face
You are never alone
You are a part
Of the vast human race
So never despair
Reach out your hand
There is someone who cares
Who will truly understand

Never alone,

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