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Saturday, December 24, 2016

The Spirit of Christmas Costs Nothing

Have you ever been unable to afford Christmas? You lost a job perhaps, or got divorced or were dealing with an illness that resulted in large medical bills? Maybe you had an accident and needed to pay for car damages or a natural disaster or fire damaged your home. All these scenarios and more can leave someone unable to afford Christmas in the way that society has taught us Christmas should be celebrated.

My situation, thankfully, is less dramatic this year. I've been layed off in the past right before Christmas and struggled to buy gifts but this year was even more difficult financially. Thankfully I do not have little children at home any longer so the "pressure" is less. I remember when I struggled in past Christmas seasons, I reacted strongly but as I have aged I now accept that sometimes things are as they are.

The reason I cannot afford the Christmas I think I should have is because I only have a part time job. But more than that, truth be told, I didn't plan well. But does that mean I cannot enjoy the spirit of Christmas?

Not at all.

See, the spirit of Christmas for me, lies in celebrating that Christ was born, though the day is merely symbolic.

The spirit of Christmas is in:

The love of family and friends
The ability to work
Being employed
Enjoying good health
The joy in people
Children's anticipation of
     Christmas morning
Sharing a meal
Christmas carols
And so much more!

The spirit of Christmas costs nothing.

It is free to pray for peace on Earth.
To be thankful for freedom and liberty.
To reminisce of past Christmas seasons with loved ones we miss.
To plan for a brand new year.
To wish everyone a Merry Christmas.

Gifts can be given all year round and they should be.
Love and good cheer can be spread all year round and they should be.

So if your Christmas is less than ideal this year because you struggle financially, remember it could be worse, you could struggle mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

I will accept my temporary struggle and celebrate with a warm spirit and a loving heart.

Merry Christmas Everyone!