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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Mine Is a Mines Mind

These thoughts, these thoughts
From where do they come?
So abruptly they arrive
Constantly intruding upon
My psyche
Just under the surface
They lie in wait
As I talk to a friend
Suddenly they detonate
Good thoughts
Bad thoughts
Crazy thoughts
Sad thoughts
It's quite normal they say
Perhaps an extension
Of something I lost
A mere expression
Of subconcious thought
Night is a catalyst
For the darkest ones
Sunrise mercifully
Will lighten the tone
Mine is a mines mind
I never know when
A thought will explode
Nor the reason it has been
Lying dormant like a mat
For the slightest pressure
To unload
Jarring as a cat
That shrieks and jumps
Right into your path
Thankfully the mines
In my mind
Are just like my thoughts
Appearing in one second
And in the next they're off!

This poem is a result of a dream I had last night about this title and is most likely due to my learning more about Freud and his dream theory. We do all have random thoughts that seem to appear out of nowhere. Some of them can be jarring. Not to worry. It's very normal and happens to everyone, just as dreaming happens to each of us, even if we can't remember the dream.

"Thinking" of you all fondly,

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