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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

March Onward

How is it March already?

I swear time is a friend and an enemy. It's elusive and yet we try and bottle it up.

Oh time you leave me stumbling
Wondering,  fumbling
'Was just the other day'
I say all the time
As life moments pass
When it fact, sometimes months
Even years have elapsed
Why does it pass so eerily?
Like a spirit passing through
Watching us as we watch it
Oh time,  why are you so cruel? 
'Enjoy the time you have'
They say
Time and time again
On this I eagerly agree
Choose wisely
Make time your friend
For in the end we all must go
When the clock's hand is stilled
'Til then march onward
And use your God given will
To fill the hours, days & years
With love and laughter true
Though time is very powerful
One thing it cannot do
How you choose to use your time
Is entirely up to you! 

I've been struggling lately with using my time wisely. It got me thinking about how precious time is. The 'daily grind' is real. Sometimes we can get caught up in the mundane, repetitive rhythm of each day. This is when I catch myself and change my routine. Time is precious, meant to be used wisely and fully. We all stumble. The trick is to get back up!


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