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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Shed a Tear

By Valerie Maldonado
Dec 2, 2015

Shed a tear for the families fleeing their homeland
Feel for the many choosing to stay amid conflict
Pray for the hungry, the homeless, the persecuted
Cry for the children,  the poor children, everywhere

Open your minds to the plight of the transgender
Broaden your knowledge of the immigrants quest
Open your eyes to the damage that's happening
On the ground from which you walk, eat from and breathe

Scream for injustices in every dark corner
Raise your arms in protest for the child who is hurt
Search your hearts for why color matters when
All our hearts bleed the same damn red blood

Take care of the ones for whom your life is owed
Honor those who bravely fight for your rights
Kindly care for the people whose needs are great
The disabled, depressed and challenged

Give a passing thought to the tireless workers
The police, firefighters, teachers, and more
Pray for the incarcerated, the sick and defenseless ones
Pray also for those strong enough to take care of them

Shed a tear for your family for not having to run
Fold your hands at the table for the food you enjoy
Look around your world and give thanks for it all
Your roof, your clothes, your education, your health, your sanity, your freedom,  the clean air you breathe

Shed a tear, Shed a tear
Because on any given moment,  of any given day, in any given month,  of any given year
Any one of us can fall victim to any of life's twists and turns
May there be someone who will shed a tear

Let's remember those less fortunate than us this Christmas as we celebrate Jesus, (or other festivities for those who are not Christian) and our families and friends. Peace be with you all,


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