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Saturday, November 21, 2015

The Open Window

By Valerie Maldonado

Early riser I am
Cup of coffee in hand
I open the window
To let in fresh air
I sit and sip and absently stare

Ah the sun is rising
The gold, the orange and blue
How gloriously enticing
So serene is the view

A flock of birds have flown by
Singing a tune of their own
Four more in the water lie
In the scenic lake down below

The trees are still full
In their greenery best
Soon the air will begin to cool
And their branches will undress

Doc, our resident tortoise
Continues to play peek a boo
His shell, in the horizon we search for
Just a glimpse, for a smile, will do

Ah the birds are singing louder
The sun is shining it's brilliance
Soothingly I watch the ripples of water
As a graceful, white pelican swims

In minutes my gratitude swells
For a time I simply reflect
What the day holds, time will tell
For now, the open window
Lights anew, my soul
Which too often I neglect

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