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Sunday, November 15, 2015

God are you awake?

God, are you awake?
It's Sunday morning
Your day of rest
But we need to speak to you

We need you more than ever
The world is getting meaner
People are soul less and crazy
Like the walkers on Walking Dead
But these people are real
What do we do God?

How can we stand strong?
We know you are a powerful and loving God
We are praying as you taught us
We believe you would never forsake us

So if we know this,  why are we asking the
obvious on your day of relaxation?
Oh sorry, like a child I guess we need reminders

Ok, I will do my part God
Though I have to say the people that are
busy hanging with Satan really have a
listening problem
You don't want to hear that,  you said? 
You got this? 

Then I won't bother you anymore
Oh just one more thing before I let you go
What's that? I can never let you go because
I am your child? 
Uh, that was just an expression God

Ok, I will be quick
I just wanted to say I love you God
You have been my friend my whole life
I want to thank you because I know
I have done things that must have made
you mad or sad
But you have always been there for me

Say that again God?
I was too busy talking to
hear you right
I can do all things through you?
Do not be afraid?
Thanks God I feel much better now

Rest easy God
Your work never ends
But we'll do our part God

By Valerie Maldonado

God bless victims of violence in every part of the world
God Bless those who have no place to call home
God bless the hungry and poor
God Bless us all

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