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Sunday, November 22, 2015


By Valerie Maldonado

Oh how I love to laugh and have fun
Even more when I'm with someone
Walk the beach,  pick up shells
Hear the stories a stranger tells

Run and jump, ride a train
Watch the lightning as it rains
See the animals at the zoo
Even more when I'm with you

Friends make everything extra sweet
Like an ice cream with extra cream
They make us laugh extra loud
Show us heart shapes in the clouds

A friend can come from kindergarten
Or later in a grown up garden
They can be so different from us
But friendship sees the matching stuff

They can be someone we didn't like
Before we stopped to take the time
To sit and talk and understand
You are you and I am as I am

Our different ways can open our eyes
To new and exciting things to try
The world is such a delight place to explore
With a friend you'll enjoy it so much more

It matters not if you're older than me
Or if I'm the one whose gray hairs you see
Age matters not when you laugh at a joke
Go fishing,  ride bikes or sit in a boat

Oh how I love to watch the sunset
And watch it rise when the moon goes to bed
Gazing at the stars is a favorite time
Especially when I gaze with a friend of mine

I love the way it feels to dance and sing
Embracing the love every friend brings
The magic of life and all its delights
Double in dose with a friend by your side

Your friend, 

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