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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

I Am a Glorious Mess

I Am a Glorious Mess
By Valerie Maldonado
August 12, 2015

I started  this blog in 2012 with my first post in 2013. It is not read by many people and in some ways I am glad because it is a work in progress,  just like me.

Those who do read it (for which I am truly grateful), have told me they enjoy it, and this makes me happy because in my sorrow I am had truly hoped to provide inspiration to others through my poetry and life experiences.  We all experience difficulties in our lives at some point, no one is immune. Yet I am a firm believer that how we respond to these difficulties,  including the ultimate heartache,  the death of a loved one,  will determine how we will choose to live our lives.

Despite the obstacles in my life,  the losses, the heartache, the "messes", I choose to be happy.

I am a glorious child of God
Born to glorious parents
Who in their messes were
Also glorious children of God
I am a mother of three
Grandmother of three
Yet still a woman
Searching, dreaming, hoping
Working,  reaching, grasping
Right through the muddle of life
Jumping over the puddles in life
Walking through the storms
Smiling through the rainy days
Saying prayers of gratitude for
The sunny days
And there are so many sunny days
Warm, glorious, bright sun shiny days
I am a glorious mess of love, pain,
sadness, happiness, joy, sorrow,
fear, courage, wants, desires, defeats
and triumphs
I am a glorious mess
Proud of who I see in the mirror
A mosaic of all who have touched my life
I am ME

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