By sharing my writing (Poetry in particular), a life long dream, I hope to inspire others to go after their dreams and goals.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Be the One

Written 8/8/15
Valerie Maldonado

Be the one to see

Past the dirt in the nails
The disheveled look of the man
Past the yellowed teeth
Beyond the torn and ragged pants

Look with your heart
Close your eyes if you must
But look a little deeper
To find the man that once was

Underneath the rough exterior
See a man who once was young
Full of hopes and dreams
Just the same as everyone

Look past the matted hair
Far beneath the tired eyes
Perhaps you can envision
The loneliness inside

Look further, make eye contact
Firmly grasp his hand in greeting 
Just because he's homeless
Doesn't mean he isn't  seeing

He sees the wary glances 
The disapproving looks he gets
He feels the judging wheels
Spinning in many people's heads

Be different, be bold
Be the one to show a touch of grace
Smile so warmly and inviting
For a moment he can feel safe

Be the one to remind him
Love does not judge or demean
Be reminded as you greet him
Like yourself,  he is a human being

Be the one to see


  1. This is really lovely Valerie :) You have some very nice poetry, thank you for sharing it on your blog, your positive nature throughout your blog is so encouraging.

  2. You are very welcome. So happy you found it to be encouraging. Warms my heart.