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Friday, June 26, 2015

Bucket List

Have you ever created a "Bucket List? A list of things you want to do before you die? Chances are you have,  even if you've only done it in your head. Who doesn't have grandeur dreams of visiting another country,  or doing something that seems impossible? Or perhaps meeting someone famous? Many people create such a list but only a few are fortunate enough to accomplish what's on it.

In 2007, Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson starred in a movie titled "Bucket List" which got many people, including myself, revisiting the idea of what they would like to accomplish before they "kick the bucket", so to speak. Of course the characters of the movie were able to accomplish extreme wishes on their list, backed by the fact that one of them was rich. Yet the movie also showed how the simplest, but often times most difficult desires, top a person's bucket list.  For example,  forgiveness, reconciliation, equality, loyalty, and honesty.

Ever since the movie came out I update my bucket list often,  usually once a year,  but sometimes more frequently. Recently while browsing through the social media app, Pinterest, I noticed other people's most desired items on their list. Suddenly it occurred to me that I have experienced many things others hope for and include on their "Bucket List." Many of these things seem ordinary to me, such as "Go on a shopping trip in New York or Visit NY." I grew up in New York City and have never considered shopping there as something to long for.

This made me realize, while it is wonderful to dream about what we don't have, these desires should be countered with a daily dose of gratitude for what we do have. So now I keep two lists, a "Bucket List" and a "Gratitude List". It helps to keep life in perspective for me. I encourage everyone to make a list of what they are grateful for,  you'd be surprised at how much your list will resemble someone else's "Bucket List", and how blessed your life truly is.

My "Gratitude" list

The love of family & friends
Good health
Sound mind
Live in the US
Practice my religion freely
Learned a second language
Met famous people
Worked in original WTC
Worked on Wall St.
Visited a European country
Saw the Grand Canyon
Saw Niagara Falls
Visited Washington DC
Visited California
Went to Disney
Had children
Had grandchildren
Fell in love
Born & raised in NY
Published my poetry
Went jet skiing
Attended college

and more...

Though there is so much more I want to do I am extremely grateful for every experience I have been blessed with, including this blog! Thank you for reading.

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