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Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Written by Valerie Maldonado
June 24, 2015

Folded in half
Completely overwrought
Gasping for clean air
To erase my tainted thoughts
I cannot remember
I cannot forget
I cannot think
Rational thought has swept
Swept away
Far away
To a deep, bottomless pit
In my mind
Can't rewind
Can't move forward
Blindly I grope
For the remnants of
A life gone now
Move on? How?
With you, without you
Decisions,  decisions
Nothing will ever be true
Your lies landed with precision
This ache in my gut
The tightness in my chest
The hole in my heart
Is there a fail/pass to this test? 
Slowly,  agonizingly slow
I rise from the ground
Desperate for someplace to go
To hide,  to sleep
To lay down and weep
Then what?
I know not
Who am I now? 
I feel different inside
Attempts to return to
The person I was
To what I understood
To be genuinely real
Escapes me now
Like a mist in the air
I desperately reach for
But to no avail
Unrectractable, sad
Is the sting of betrayal

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