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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Please Stop!

Please Stop!
By Valerie Maldonado
April 16, 2015

Please stop. ..
Assuming a child is behaving badly
Or ignoring you on purpose
He or she might be autistic
Practice tolerance not judgement

Please stop. ..
Making fun of others
On the basis of their weight
Be it thin or heavy
It pushes people to self hate
Body shaming is so wrong
Just another form of bullying
A distorted view of beauty
Practice kindness instead of cruelty

Please stop...
Dismissing the voice of our youth
Listen well for you might learn
Something valuable and new
And please forsake not the elderly
Though their bodies are much aged
For in their eyes a light remains
Eager to share the experiences of their days
Both the young and old have wisdom
Practice inclusion not ostracism

Please stop. ..
Using labels on each other
Judging based upon one's race
Or the color of their skin
One should never have to face
Discrimination for simply being
Who they are
Be that straight,  gay or in between
Who are we to judge
As imperfect human beings
Who are we to make another
Feel as though they don't exist?
Who the hell gave you that power?
Practice acceptance not ignorance

Please stop. ..
Shunning based on religion
Shaming based on looks
Discriminating based on lifestyles
Bullying based on differences
Judging based on choices
Hating based on ignorance

Please stop!
Destroying lives
Practice love not hate

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