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Sunday, March 29, 2015

A Peaceful Sunday

A Peaceful Sunday
By Valerie Maldonado
March 29, 2015

An early rise to a glorious sun
A prayer of thanks for life
A cup of coffee and it's begun
A peaceful Sunday

If you work thank God
If you don't thank God
If you have an hour of solitude
to read or meditate or relax
Give a prayer of thanks
If you are surrounded by kids
and laundry and noise
Thank God for the gift of
these fleeting moments

For peace does not always come
in the form of quiet
It comes in the feeling of hope
of serenity, of relief, of gratitude
of overwhelming love
for family
for friends
for health
for sanity
for creativeness
for God
for his glorious Son

A peaceful Sunday
is a day of rest
not just physically
but mentally, emotionally,
Rest does not always look
like sleep
Rest is calmness, stillness,
bliss, joy, laughter, wholeness

Be peaceful wherever you are
this Sunday
Be peaceful in your smile
Be peaceful in your words
Be peaceful in your mood
Be peaceful in your thoughts
Be peaceful in your attitude
Be peaceful in your outlook

and you will find
a peaceful Sunday
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