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Monday, November 3, 2014

How to BE

Here we are folks!  The beginning of November.

The time changes back
The days become shorter
The weather is cooler
The holidays begin way too early in the stores!


the countdown begins to a new year when we all begin to make "promises" to do more, see more, be more.

I am just like everyone else, with the best of intentions, then something happens as the year progresses and much on my list does not get done.  However, when I do look at my list I find I HAVE done some things and that makes me feel better about myself somehow.  I am grateful that my life did not remain stagnant throughout the year.  The phrase some people like to use, when asked how things are, "same old, same old" terrifies me.  I do not ever want to be the person that says "same S&^%, different day" because everyday is different and a chance to embrace change and growth.

With that said, one of the things that is changing in our world, and not for the better it seems, is people's manners, behavior, values, ethics, principles, etc.  In other words, we have progressed from a polite society to one where "anything" goes and it is not always pretty.

Have you noticed how angry people are?  Or how impatient they act, wanting everything yesterday?  What about the way that people interact with each other?

I work in customer service and I have witnessed young adults cursing out their parents, telling them to shut up.  I have seen parents cursing out mere toddlers and speaking to spouses disrespectfully.  I have had things thrown at me, I have been yelled at, cursed at, called names and more, all because something did not go that individual's way.  When did we become a society with no boundaries?  One where barely dressed women and poorly groomed men, walk around feeling entitled?  I say this not to judge on one's appearance but to make the point that there is no sense of decorum, dignity or civility in many places today.  The most disturbing part about it all is the way anyone witnessing such moments, myself included, just stand by and watch it happen.  For the most part people are scared to speak up.  I will speak up on behalf of a child but many times I feel it is not my place to say something.  I am sure many people feel the same way.

I spoke to a customer the other day and she said something to me that really stuck.  I asked her to write it down and would she mind if I shared it on my blog?  She said that would be fine, so here it is.

Everything else is a PLUS!! ~ Debi J.

Debi hit it right on the nail.  I thanked her for putting into words what I was feeling.  There is a lack of respect among some people in society.  Respect should be given to all human beings, regardless of age.

So how should we BE? I think one scripture sums it up pretty well.

Treat others the way you want to be treated.  It is that simple.

I do not believe anyone wants to be treated meanly, disrespectfully, degrading, demeaning, harshly, and I could go on and on.  Many times the person acting out is not even aware of what they are saying or doing, they are just enraged or upset or hurt themselves.  So for those of us on the receiving end:

Smile, stay calm, do not retaliate and forgive.  It is that simple.

I myself hope that by doing my small part, remaining respectful, responsible and accountable, I will at least brighten the day of the people I encounter.  Not everyone acts poorly, thank goodness, but for those who do it leaves me wondering why are people so angry, so impatient and feel so entitled?

Respectfully yours,

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