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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Let Go

Do you have a relationship, friendship, acquaintance, family connection....

     That leaves you feeling depleted?
          That makes you wonder why do you bother?

               That doesn't make sense?

A relationship, friendship, acquaintance, work connection....

     You feel is one sided?
          You question what, if anything, you have in common?

               You feel has run it's course?

A relationship, friendship, acquaintance, church connection....

     You feel is taking up too much of your time?

          You respect but no longer look forward to seeing?

               You feel takes control over everything you do together?

Let Go....

Letting go does not mean to necessarily end the relationship.  It could mean letting go of the pressure, guilt, denial, tension and facing up to whether or not the relationship has changed and if it is worth continuing.  Maybe changing the dynamics of the relationship will help it to grow.  Letting go may mean revisiting what connected you to that person to decide if the relationship is worth working for....

or simply

Let Go....

A relationship should not leave you feeling tired, angry, frustrated, confused, unsure, impatient, or obligated ALL THE TIME.  Yes, we all feel these emotions from time to time, no one is perfect, but feeling them all the time is not healthy.  A relationship should consist of mutual respect, kindness, patience, love, understanding, empathy, compassion, and in no way make you feel obligated to do anything you do not feel comfortable doing.

It is not easy to end any type of relationship but sometimes for the sake of your health and sanity it becomes necessary.

You will absolutely know when it happens to you.


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