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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Love Love Love

Valerie Maldonado
Written March 2014

It is is hard
it is opening your heart
keeping memories
not keeping score
it is always wanting more

it makes you feel like you belong
like you were made to fit that space
even when things go wrong
like a magic board it will erase

love love love
that is the word we are taught
love love love
that majestic feeling of being caught

when someone says your full name
in a way that makes your knees weak
or looks at you with eyes that seem to say
I have found what I didn't know my heart did seek

love love love
a simple word for a deep abyss
love love love
so much of it conveyed in a simple kiss

call me me sane
either way I will remain
true to love, true to you
for only your love for me will do

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