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Friday, March 28, 2014

Beautifully Spirited

"Stay positive and stay beautifully spirited as you are!"  These are the words my dear cousin wrote me on an email when I mentioned that I was still struggling to find a full time job.  "Beautifully spirited", those words rolled off my tongue, mind, and senses all at once.  I loved how she phrased those two words.

What does it mean to be "beautifully spirited"?  I know how I received the compliment from my cousin but who would you use this compliment on?  Would a dear friend represent a "beautifully spirited" person?  Your spouse, your child, your co-worker?

For me, a beautifully spirited person is someone like my cousin Toni, who wrote the words.  Why?  Because in the face of tremendous loss, the death of her father, she reached out and connected with a cousin a thousand miles away and the genuine way in which she inquires about my life makes her spirit beautiful to me.  Her love for life and family is infectious.

Another "beautifully spirited" person I know is my dear friend Debbie.  She gives and gives without any thought of receiving something back.  Sometimes I think she over extends herself but that is just the friend in me concerned for her.  What makes her spirit so beautiful is you never hear her complain and she always has a smile for you.  Truthfully I never really know if she is having a bad day unless I ask.

Tanya, a beautiful woman my son dated for years, is another example of a "beautifully spirited" person.  She has a concern for people, especially older people, that is a beacon of light in a crowd of younger people that can sometimes come across as self absorbed.  She brightens the day of those she comes into contact with, through humor, love, and seemingly endless energy.

My best friend Nicole is one of the most beautifully spirited people ever to bless my life.  Her calm demeanor, openness, acceptance, and just a kind heart, is amazing.  I am so grateful for her presence.

Another soul whose spirit is undeniably "beautiful" is my friend Jerome.  Words cannot describe the tremendous generosity of spirit this man has.  His love for his beautiful wife and three girls can be seen in all his actions.  It's his actions that speak of his "spirit."  From the very small things he does to the large, he seems to know instinctively what will make someone's day brighter.  He is a "beautifully spirited" person.

There are many, many beautifully spirited people in my life and I thank my lucky stars.  Without them the world would seem a darker place.  Just because I did not mention all their names here, does not mean they are more or less "beautifully spirited" than those I did mention.

To be "beautifully spirited" in my eyes is to be loving, open, accepting, kind, compassionate, empathetic, non-judgemental, encouraging and most important, themselves.  Their true colors shine!

To all the "beautifully spirited" people reading this blog, thank you for taking the time to do so.  Spread your spirit wide and far, the world needs more people to act in kindness.  Thank you to my cousin for such a tremendous compliment.  When my spirit is "ugly" I will hang on to these words and check my behavior in moments of frustration.  We all have an ugly/beautiful side.  Which side will you train to be "beautifully spirited" in all situations?

A beautiful day to you all,

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