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Monday, February 3, 2014

The Ventilator

By Valerie Maldonado

Lying here gasping
Every breath a struggle
What happened to the air?
What is this awful bubble?
I didn't need this machine long ago
I was free, happy or so I thought
Where did it come from?
This respiratory infection I've caught
Can't breathe when you're near me
Can't breathe when you're gone
Now you've stayed away too long love
They want to go and pull the plug
When I decided to leave
I took the decision out of your hands
I thought maybe I could see
What I couldn't understand
If I went far away
I thought things would be easier
Now every night I pray
Wishing that you were right here
Do you miss me like I do you?
Are you lonely at night?
Do you cry silent tears too?
Can you make this wrong, right?
Hurry before it's too late

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