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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Following up on New Year Goals

Short-term goals, long-term goals, New Year's Resolutions, dreams, wishes, hopes, desires, wants, to-do lists, bucket lists, aims, intentions...doesn't matter how you express it, IT is something we want to accomplish.

In a past post I said I was not going to make New Year Resolutions, instead I was focusing on goals.

After a bad start I am finally managing to eat healthy again, drink more water, I am REMEMBERING to take a daily vitamin, I am exercising (although still not as much as I want to), I am writing, I am managing my time better and I found a part time job.

Not a bad start but I still have a way to go.  Change is difficult and tedious and uncomfortable until it is routine.  Once you have a routine it gets better.

So if you are still trying to keep up with a New Year's Resolution, don't give up.  I was not successful in January, I was very successful in February, I may falter in the future but I will always aim to do and be better at everything I do in life.

Hope you have been able to check off one goal and are working on a second!

Just think of yourself as a soccer player and in your mind when you accomplish a goal, imagine someone saying,


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