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Friday, November 8, 2013

A Debt We Can Never Repay

Image by David Wilson II
Monday is Veteran's Day.  Veteran's day celebrates the "service" of all US military veterans.  Whether your loved one served in wars past or is currently serving in the Middle East the important thing to remember is that they served their country.  For me it does not matter if they enlisted voluntarily or were drafted.  The fact remains each one dedicated part of their life to protecting our freedom and the freedom of those around us.  Any one who has not served, including myself, can never, ever know the true meaning of being a veteran or understand each individual experience.

I can safely say that many who have served or are currently serving their country experience the following:

Time lost with their family they can never regain
Missing out on important events, such as the birth of their child
The need to adapt to foreign places
Having to learn skills that are unique and often dangerous
Suffer loneliness, home sickness, fear and many other emotions
Are often the scapegoat for political views
Suffer lifelong injuries (physical, emotional and mental)
Have difficulties returning to civilian life
Or sadly, some never return at all

While there are many positive aspects to serving in the military, as average citizens we should be mindful of all the sacrifices made by our veterans.  I have family currently serving and I am very proud of them. Whenever I feel life gets too tough I remind myself of the difficulties faced by those in the military both past and present.  Without fail I am able to put my difficulties into perspective immediately.

So raise a flag...hug a veteran...say a prayer...but most importantly, say THANK YOU for a debt we can never repay.

Thanking veterans everywhere for their service,


  1. Amen! We have many in our family who served and are serving. My dad served in Vietnam. My nephew is deployed as I write this. When my dad was alive, he talked about the war so much but only shared the
    funny stories. I'm sure their were some horrible ones. What I wouldn't give to hear one more story or to thank him because I never did understand the sacrifices he made for us and our country. He was drafted at 18 (I think) I know he was very young. Thanks to every one who is or has served.