By sharing my writing (Poetry in particular), a life long dream, I hope to inspire others to go after their dreams and goals.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013


I am beginning to figure out how to efficiently use my blog space.  In the learning process I have not posted anything and realize I cannot do that or what is the point of blogging?  So I have posted one of my first poems that was published in an anthology.  As I mentioned before my main goal in blogging is to showcase my poetry but it is also to inspire, motivate, and empower woman.  How can I do this?  I have learned by simply being myself and sharing my story.  Still sharing our stories is not always easy.

For me personally, admitting to mistakes is difficult to do.  Yet we all make mistakes.  The idea is to learn from those mistakes and hopefully guide others not to make the same ones.  Sometimes things that happen to us are not mistakes at all, but lessons.  Lessons meant to help us grow and learn and move forward.  After all if we never go through anything we would be standing in the same spot our entire lives, looking at the same lesson, hearing the same words, talking to the same people, learning the same thing over and over.  How dull would that be?

So happy Tuesday!  May you learn an invaluable lesson today perhaps by just letting go of a "past mistake" and considering it a "lesson learned".

Much love,


  1. Beautiful poem and great blog post! Thank you for your inspiration, perhaps make it a "daily inspiration"?

    Make all your dreams come true. Always believe that something wonderful is about to happen!

  2. Thank you so much!!! I will try my best to make it daily xoxo