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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Facing Our Fears

Today is Halloween, a day when many enjoy and have fun with things and events that might normally scare us.

Tell me if you were to see someone dressed as a zombie walk up to you on any other day than Halloween, wouldn't you run for your life?

Somehow on Halloween the fear is released from us because we expect to see someone in costume. Children are still scared at times but that is because they may not know that the "costume" is not real.

What does this tell me?  One, that the fear of the unknown can be very scary. Also if we are prepared ahead of time, to expect something we consider scary, we can fight our fears.

Think about it this way, if your friend or spouse dresses up in a scary costume in front of you, you are not afraid because you know it is them.  But if they dressed up without your knowledge and surprise you from behind, you probably would react in a frightened and panicked way.

So it is with life's scary moments.  I am not referring to moments such as divorce or illness which can be very frightening.  I am talking about moments on a smaller scale.  For example, if we prepare the best we can for:

  • Giving a speech
  • Asking for a raise
  • Pursuing a goal
  • Trying something new
Chances are we can enjoy ourselves and feel very proud that we overcame our fear.

Overcoming our fear isn't easy but it is possible. President Roosevelt famously said in his inaugural address "So, first of all, let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is...fear itself." The President was facing one of the worst economic crisis in American history.  He chose to face this difficult crisis in an optimistic fashion.

So the next time you are facing a situation you find scary, look at it from a realistic sense and ask yourself "What is the worst that can happen?" Usually not what our fear has conjured up in our minds.

So have a safe and Happy Halloween but go ahead and enjoy the Haunted House because remember realistically, someone put it together to "appear" scary.

Trick or Treat,

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