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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Emptying your mind

Happy Saturday!

This week, an article from BBC News Health, by James Gallagher (see link below), informed us that research has shown our brain uses sleep to get rid of the toxins that build up during a hard day's thinking.  This is good to know.

Imagine our daily thoughts, negative and positive, remaining over time.  Just one day of thinking about everything we feel we have to accomplish, is enough to make us feel tired.

Just last night I could not sleep and found myself "Googling"." Of course this was not the right way to fall back to sleep.  Have you ever found yourself waking up because you have so much on your mind, only to reach for your phone or turn on the TV?

I find any news about the brain fascinating since it controls so much of our body and thoughts.  The fact is we live in an information age.  We are also busier than ever as a society, which may prevent us from getting proper sleep, or our thoughts may interrupt our sleep. Being mindful of how much information I take in on a daily basis helps me to limit what I think about.  Trying to get eight hours sleep also helps.

I find music, prayer, meditation, reading and nature, can all help me stop thinking about things too much.  The key is to find the time.  I am eager to try yoga since I have heard it is good for both mind and body.  It is a good thing that when my efforts fail, sleep in all its glory is there to help me empty my mind.


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