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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Deactivating Facebook

A very good friend suggested I try and deliver inspiration on a daily basis.  That is the goal, unfortunately I am not there yet.  I will try my best.

A while back, after complaining for over a year how much time I was wasting on the social media network Facebook, I finally decided to quit it cold turkey.  At first I simply deactivated my account but then I realized in order to continue playing words with friends with people I loved playing with I had to get back on.  This created a dilemma for me.  I tried playing the popular game using email addresses but I found if the other person is not playing through the same platform we were not able to connect.

I figured out a solution.  I reactivated my Facebook account, unfriended everyone but the three people I play with, deleted all my photos (boy did that take time), deleted my profile picture, set everything to private and logged off.  It was a wonderful decision to make.

At first I thought I would be lost without the constant contact and would not be able to get in touch with anyone but I quickly realized how out of touch I already was and it wasn't because of Facebook.  The people we choose to have in our life or those that choose to have us in their life, deserve more than just a "like" on their Facebook status.  They deserve learning about an important event by telephone or text not through social media.  They deserve more than the quick hello.  They deserve your time, love and attention.  There were several reasons for my exit from Facebook including how much time I was spending on it.  The reasons are not important, what is important is that I have claimed valuable time in my life back.  I have reconnected with people via email, text, telephone and the good old fashion "in person" conversation.  I was doing all of this before deactivating my account but now it means more.

I must confess the first time an important news event occurred, I immediately reached for my phone to log on and post a comment and then laughed.  I talked to a friend about the news event and found that more pleasurable.  Deactivating Facebook is not for everyone and neither is having a Facebook account.  It is an individual choice.  I still use social media through Instagram and Pinterest (my favorite) and I am careful to not spend a lot of time on either.  It does not always work.

Since leaving Facebook I have been able to begin my first blog, visited more friends, read more books, worked more on my genealogy hobby, watched more movies, have spent more time with my children and grandchildren, have done my homework on time and have slept much better.  It is easy to not notice how much of someone else's opinions, thoughts, comments and overall life you can bring to the bedroom when your mind is so cluttered with constant information.  There is a wonderful saying that goes something like this "Anything that takes you away from spending time with God, is not a good thing."  I agree and if it takes away from family, friends and yourself, the same sentiment applies.

I was curious to see if the decision to deactivate my Facebook account was something others have struggled with and I found out many people do.  Some leave, some return and some like myself are thankful that chapter is closed.

Your "friend",


  1. Love, Love , Love the blog!!! Yes exactly where I am at. I too have deactivated facebook and it has freed my thoughts on so many things. I was a Candy Crush addict, but admitting you have a problem was the first step. I actually have time to study, spend time with the family and yes get a meal on the table in a timely manner. You mentioned the thoughts you carried with you at night, it continues to amaze me how many people are concerned with the thoughts of others. The beautiful thing about growing older, is you lose that sense of "who cares". My concerns are for me and my family and I get to hit the "like" button on a daily basis. I like me enough to say it is all that matters. I know I am blessed in a life full of so many negative thoughts and people. It is wonderful to feel the love of a beautiful baby that lights your life by a smile. It is the many wonders in my life I am grateful for, and neveer forget where I come from. I will make sure that my two grandsons know who their Greatmother was and how she was the "glue" that held us together. They will know the know the love of a woman, that left to soon. Some many things to be grateful for when we focus on all we have and stop worrying about what we dont. Love you Valerie and thank you for this delightful blog! Love ya Liz

  2. Thank you Liz! You have warmed my heart and inspired me to keep pursuing my love of writing. So glad you are happy. Your family is beautiful, those grandsons are wonders to look at. I love you too.

  3. Keli McCabe LaCreteOctober 17, 2013 at 3:35 PM

    I totally relate to this but because of my time spent working (too much), lol. I find FB is the only way I have to still keep in touch with so many that I adore, like yourself. I'm disheartened though by some of the hateful things I have seen since being on FB, the true colors of many have shown but that too has taught me a valuable lesson. I use it for the good of it and leave the rest alone...well except when I feel I have to defend so many ignorant comments. I miss you on FB Val but know you are in my heart....great blog, so happy you are pursuing your passion and living your dream life. Life is meant to be lived and whatever that is for you should be all that matters. God Bless you, my friend.

  4. I can understand your need to have to defend the ignorant comments and there are plenty these days. The negativity, lack of boundaries and true colors of some were just a few reasons I felt I could not stay on FB. I do miss the daily interaction with my true "friends" such as yourself but I am trying to find other means of keeping in touch. I am thankful my friends and family understand. God bless you too and that insanely gorgeous little girl of yours!